Cartons for Hazardous & Infectious Waste

Distrimpex is the agent for France and the Benelux for the Italian company ALLPACK

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• Non-perforated packaging for solid or soft Hazardous & Infectious Waste
• Packaging meets NFX 30-501 Standard (Decree 24.11.2003)
• Packaging “ADR” approved (European agreement regarding international transportation by road of dangerous goods) by a French control laboratory
• Packaging made from approved FSC cardboard
• Cartons with a strong yellow polythene liner bag inside (from 50 to 70 μ thick depending on the model), ranging from 12 to 50 litres
• The liner bag is glued to the carton around the top of the carton at the filling limit
• Depending on the model, the liner can be closed either with a plastic tie attached to the carton, or with a drawstring at the top of the bag
• Cartons with a base that opens automatically to facilitate assembly
• Cartons with a temporary and permanent closure
• Cartons with two handles for transporting (registered design)
• Printed in 3 colours (dominant yellow, white and black) according to regulations
• The assembly instructions, for opening and closing are printed on each packaging


• Hospitals
• Laboratories
• In any department dealing with infectious waste that necessitates destruction by incineration